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Uprooted is a dark, once upon a time type of story done just right. Uprooted te…

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Uprooted is a dark, once upon a time type of story done just right.
Uprooted tells the story of Agnieszka, a simple girl from a tiny village which she loves. Bordering that village is the sinister Wood, a forest that is filled with darkness. With every year that passes, the Wood continues to creep closer and closer to Agnieszka’s home. All that stands between the village and this threat is the Dragon, a human wizard whose coldness is almost as evil to the villagers as the Wood. In exchange for his help and protection, the Dragon demands a heavy price on the village. Every ten years, he picks one young woman and takes her away to serve him in his tower until the next choice. Agnieszka will be eligible for the following selection but expects the Dragon to choose her bold and beautiful friend Kasia like the rest of the village. So when the Dragon chooses her, she has suddenly whisked away to an unexpected life of magic, terror, and courtly intrigue.
This story hits the folk elements close to our home. It resembles simple fairy tale stories and has hints of a Beauty and the Beast. The fantasy lovers like us will appreciate the simple motives that the author takes to build a cool and dark world, seeping with the magic, hulking beast and a terrifying almighty entity that must be destroyed. We absolutely adored Uprooted.
We appreciated the fact that the villain in this book is not really a person. Instead, it’s a terrifying forest with a mind of its own that can possess people. It felt powerful, creepy and sometimes scary.
Overall it is an engaging and captivating fairytale.

4 stars out of 5 from both of us 👩🏻‍🦰🧔