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UNPOPULAR OPINION It is always heartbreaking when the book does not live up to …

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It is always heartbreaking when the book does not live up to your expectation. Sometimes you just not a fan of the story, style or even genre. However, we believe this time we found something that is a new benchmark of a bad book for us from now on.

On first sight, Adults looks like an intriguing tale; it tells a story about a burn-out woman in her mid-thirties with an obsession about social media and her presence in it. And this is something that many people could relate to nowadays – anxiety given by a number of thumbs up, hearts and other electronic methods of gratitude. Have you ever dealt with something similar?


The whole book is written in the sarcastic and bitter tone, which looks very creative in the beginning. It is not a wrong way to address a subject – in fact; 🧔 quite enjoy reading a humorous approach to modern-day issues. However, when every single paragraph is oversaturated with sarcasm, annoying (on purpose) characters, worthless banter and ridicule of everything around us, the book becomes very cringy and not enjoyable eye-rolling experience. And this is coming from 🧔 – a big fan of dark comedy, parody and everything in between.

Overall, not a bad idea, but the execution is relatively poor. Give it a try if you think you might enjoy it, but overall would not recomend.

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7 thoughts on “UNPOPULAR OPINION It is always heartbreaking when the book does not live up to …

  1. I couldn’t get in to this last year and since it was a library loan it had to go back. So I guess it was technically a DNF for me! – Tash ❤️

  2. I gave up on this one… I couldn’t find the energy to stick it out.. off to the charity shop it went

  3. Happy by Fearne Cotton was a basic read for teenagers with no insightful advice on the subject of mental health. I took nothing from it and struggled to finish it. Easily the worst book I read last year.

  4. I felt the same about this book – and Supper Club which I found quite similar.

  5. Yes it‘s a shame because Animals was so good! I always feel a bit mean openly not enjoying a book because I think good on you for writing and getting published – so I’ll add the disclaimer that I still think the author is a talent!

  6. Currently reading and thinking to give up…
    Your review sounds what I feel about this book.

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