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& The pub is dark, tranquil, and we even have a tiny candle to go with…

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The pub is dark, tranquil, and we even have a tiny candle to go with the mood. We order some garlic bread just in case and sit down to talk about vampires.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires is essentially a satire – horror work. If you are familiar with 90’s TV and cinema production, or even better – grew up watching it, you will find casual warm, nostalgic comfort. Grady Hendrix talks about idyllic, American suburban life with happy kids, carpooling moms, perfect front gardens and dinner parties. And we very quickly learn that Patricia is sick and tired of it. This is where the vampire comes into play.

Being incredibly charming, James quickly climbs the ranks. He becomes the pinnacle of the community, but Patricia having her reserves goes through various stages of disbelief, mental breakdowns, cheating husbands, betraying friends and ungrateful kids. Eventually, she gathers other housewives to dispatch the vampire in a very bloody way. This book loves bloody ways—a lot. We discussed the fact that while James being a vampire – he builds upon a standard Dracula’s features although he does not have fangs – he has a lot more… intrusive way to draw blood. Also, he is not mortally scared of sunshine.

This is not the first Hendrix book we read. Horrorstör – horror book about IKEA was how we first got introduced. And while it is worth separate review – we knew what to expect. You have to read it with a pinch of salt. Its satire, you have to see through it. If you try to make sense of everything – you will have a bad time. Relax, think about your favourite 90s sitcom and enjoy. It is worth it.

Four garlic cloves out of five.

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  1. The story was great, but my biggest takeaway is that I need more Grady Hendrix in my life.

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