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The Jigsaw Man is a gory and gruesome debut thriller where the word “jigsaw” use…

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The Jigsaw Man is a gory and gruesome debut thriller where the word “jigsaw” used very… literally. Are you ready to solve the puzzle?
The story begins with a bunch of body parts being washed up all over London, with police quickly on the scene; these reveal to be bearing a mark of a now-imprisoned serial killer. It looks like a copycat is on the loose! However, this does not sit well with the original perpetrator as he is not ready to share the spotlight. Very quickly the only question left is who will get to the copycat first, him or the serial crime unit with detective Henley in front.
It is a solid read with some great and definitely not bland characters. Writing is complex, vivid and short chapters turns it into a perfect page-turner. Some of the scenes could be a little gruesome, so make sure you are up for it!
I am immensely enjoying reading crime thrillers, where I can witness real police procedures, units and legal aspects. For me it makes it so much more authentic, rather than just another book with an almost superhuman detective on the loose. Do you agree? I was thrilled to discover that Nadine Matheson @queennads author of this book, is a real-life criminal solicitor, and it indeed shows.
On top of the real police work, you will be able to find pretty much everything here – broken relationships, old love and sick mind games. The ending is very satisfactory with (almost) all loose ends being tied up, leaving space for a sequel.
Overall – great, enjoyable and fast-paced thriller for anyone with a stronger stomach to enjoy.

4.5 stars out of 5 from 🧔

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Out in February 2021 🎉