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Silver Sparrow is a stunning story about two girls who grew up with very differe…

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Silver Sparrow is a stunning story about two girls who grew up with very different lives, although they share the same father. It starts with a very intriguing line – “My father, James Witherspoon is a bigamist”.
This is the tale of the families of James Witherspoon – one public, one secret. His covert family is well aware of the public one, and the daughter of this union, Dana, struggles to understand her place in her father’s life. Born just four months before her half-sister, Chaurisse, Dana seeks to know everything about her and eventually, both of them form a friendship that threatens to destroy the separate lives that James has created.
The story is told from both sisters point of view, making the details even more effective to come from children. At the heart of this book is the question: what does it mean to be family? It’s an examination of what we do for the people we love. While the novel’s overall tone is sad, it’s painted so well there’s also plenty of hopefulness and a lot of admiration.
The author has a unique writing style which we both loved so much in An American Marriage. It was written in a way in which it was difficult to choose whom to root for. The self-indulgence of the father, James, created so much devastation and turmoil, there was just no way the story could have had a happy ending. We both felt terrible for the half-sisters as they were the only two completely innocent ones throughout the story.
This book is a perfect example of how lies have a way of destroying everything in their paths.

4.5 stars out of 5 combined.

4 stars from Nerijus 🧔
5 stars from Ingrid 👩🏻‍🦰

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed An American Marriage .. great to know this one is powerful too! Thank you!

  2. Great review! I loved this book, great character development. Liked even more than An American Marriage, which was great too

  3. I loved An American Marriage so I definitely need to read this, it sounds incredible!

  4. I’m in the middle of this book right now! So fun to see it pop up here. It’s my first Tayari Jones’ book and is my first Georgia read for #unitedbooksofamerica

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