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-Settings- The Confession by Jessie Burton The Confession by Jessie Burton i…

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The Confession by Jessie Burton ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Confession by Jessie Burton is one of the books I started and finished since moving to London and also happens to be a book set partially around Hampstead Heath, which I visited for the first time this weekend.

This made me think a lot about the importance of settings and without a doubt creating a solid sense of place is something Jessie Burton does so expertly in her books. I absolutely loved the time jumps and contrasting settings of present day London and 1980s LA, both of which felt so vivid.

Another thing that felt so refreshing to me was that the book’s characters all felt complex and fully developed; just as in real life people are not just good or bad, these characters were multidimensional with their own individual cares and motivations, most notably the female characters.

As a longtime fan of Jessie Burton’s writing, the book fully lived up to my expectations and was yet another brilliantly crafted mystery, unravelling gradually and leaving me hooked right up until the very last page (it says a lot that this is the first book in a while that I have stayed up until 3am to finish!)