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REVIEW BY Somehow I was expecting this book to be a easy romcom, oh gosh I wa…

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Somehow I was expecting this book to be a easy romcom, oh gosh I was wrong 🙈😂 It turned out to be very interesting and profound story about professor who is expert in probabilities and a young lady whose extraordinary life do not match any statistics and can’t be easily and logically explained. Azalea’s mother was abducted and killed when she was a little and her father could have been one of three men. She was adopted by missionaries and moved to Uganda, but later they were killed too – on the Midsummer day one decade away from her mother’s death. She came up with the conclusion that she will die after 10 years and started to seek rational explanation from Dr. Thomas Post who unfortunately was baffled with those circumstances as well and as hard as he tried to be rational with every single coincidence of her life he could not provide an answer.

The book explores various theories of coincidences, luck, predertemination and free will. It really got me thinking about why things happen in life, are they just random or is there some sort of divine intervention?

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it. It was fairly quick read with some interesting ideas.

4 coincidences out of 5

QOTD: do you believe in coincidences? 🤔