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QOTD: Would you help your sibling to get away with a murder? My Sister, the S…

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📚 QOTD: Would you help your sibling to get away with a murder? 🤔

🔪My Sister, the Serial Killer suppose to be a dark, satyrical and vivid book about – well – Sister who is a serial killer. After reading good reviews, we are now wondering what so many people found funny about it. We usually like dark humour/satire. So it has been on our radar for a while; however, it just did not hit the spot. We didn’t hate it, and it was interesting to read a crime story set in Nigeria.

🔪Korede, a plain young woman from a model family in Lagos, Nigeria, works as a nurse and has a crush on a kindly doctor colleague Tade. She has always protected her beautiful younger sister Ayoola, and this now includes helping clean up crime scenes after a series of boyfriends have been stabbed to death with their dead father’s knife. When Ayoola meets Tade, they are immediately attracted to one another, and Korede must now choose – save her sister, or saver her love.

🔪We didn’t find either sister remotely likeable. In fact, we ended up preferring the psychopathic Ayoola more, since at least she had a character. Korede, on the other hand, was an extremely annoying character to grasp. In the book, Tade asks her – What is wrong with you? And we have the same questions. Plain, overprotective, too loyal.

🔪We would like to read more about life in Lagos -the small bits we got was nice, but it was not enough. The only thing we learned – it has a lot of corrupt policemen. Could you recommend any good books about Nigeria?

🔪Overall – it’s ok but unmemorable.

3 knives out of 5 from both of us

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8 thoughts on “QOTD: Would you help your sibling to get away with a murder? My Sister, the S…

  1. I did think it was funny, but totally agree that the characters weren’t likable and it overall wasn’t very memorable!!

  2. I get why Korede helps her sister, they have an interesting dynamic, and I can see they are bonded by their past trauma. I’m not sure I’d be able to do what she did.

  3. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is partly set in Nigeria and from memory has some good descriptions of modern Lagos. I also loved her Half of a Yellow Sun – also set in Nigeria, but in the 60s

  4. Thanks for the review. I read “Welcome to Lagos” by Chibundu Onuzo and I enjoyed the descriptions of Nigeria and Lagos. NIGE

  5. In answer to your question- no I wouldn’t help cover up. I did love this book though. I found it fun, which is a weird thing to admit given the storyline.

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