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QOTD: What drink would you pair with the book you are currently reading? The Lo…

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QOTD: What drink would you pair with the book you are currently reading?
The Long, Long Afternoon is a debut thriller taking action in a sunny 1950’s California. It is a gripping tale about a disturbed housewife suddenly going missing, leaving only a blood trail and scared children.
Book reached us paired with a gin and tonic (who agrees that more books should come like this???) – and we believe it is a very appropriate drink to have while taking in the life and disappearance of Joyce. Thank you @manilla_press for proof copy! The book is out in February!
The main story rotates around a detective trying to solve the case and a black woman named Ruby – house cleaner, with ambitions to go to college and make something of her life.
The book does a fantastic job placing the reader into 50’s California – immense heat and traffic creates a very vivid picture in your head. We both enjoyed reading about how an idyllic, suburban life sometimes covers the darkest secrets. It also reveals unfortunate truths about depression and reality of 50’s American dream. On top of that, it explores themes of sexism and racism of the period.
It is a fast-paced thriller where every page brings something new. Chapters are short and alternate between Detective Mike and Ruby’s point of view, giving you a more comprehensive brief over the story. You can’t stop guessing who the perpetrator is until the very last paragraph.
It is a very well crafted story and well worth being picked up. We both hope to see more from Inga Vesper.

4 out of 5 from both of us.
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