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QOTD: Have you ever worked at night? Nightshift is a dark, misty and intoxicati…

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QOTD: Have you ever worked at night?🌙🌃✨

Nightshift is a dark, misty and intoxicating book about the life of misfits, obsession and self-discovery.
Set in London, mid 90’s, twenty-three-year-old Meggie meets secretive, distant and cryptic Sabine. Almost immediately, she recognises in her the person she would like to be one day. Meggie very soon gives up her daytime existence, devoted boyfriend, and most parts of ordinary life in exchange for working the same nightshifts as Sabine only so she could be closer to her. She finds a liberating feeling of freedom indulging her growing obsession with Sabine and dives into another existence, gradually immersing herself in the transient and unpredictable world of the nightshift worker together with her oddball bunch of new colleagues.
“Imagine no look required, all looks accepted. Being as comfortable to chat the night away as to spend it in the dark room. Imagine a secret dock where the underworld of the city can wash up against anyone else. A true democracy of race, age and gender.” – this is a definition of one of the exotic, dark, and bizarre nightclubs filled with the smoke of cigarettes and various other substances that Meggie eventually gets dragged into while following her obsession with reinventing herself as Sabine. However, this quote perfectly describes the whole book.
I read this story in a single sitting. I swear. It is not a secret that I have “a thing” for dark, mysterious and unsettling stories, and I have discovered all of those elements in here. The whole story is intoxicating and edgy, as Sabine suppose to be. London’s nightlife in the mid-’90s is portrayed as vivid, crazy and filled to the brim of nonconformists, drugs, alcohol and sex. However, don’t be misled – this is not a thriller. It is quite a lyrical story of who we are and can we ever change or escape real ourselves.
TW: Strong drug and sexual abuse scenes.
A gripping, mysterious and peculiar page-turner. So far one of my favourite books of 2021.

5 out of 5 from Nerijus 🧔

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9 thoughts on “QOTD: Have you ever worked at night? Nightshift is a dark, misty and intoxicati…

  1. I need to look into this!!!! I work nights now staying up all night at work and reading is the best!

  2. Ok I am immediately adding this to my must buy list for after my book buying ban!!!! I’ve been dying to read something like this!!!

  3. This sounds fascinating! I have worked a night shift for a few years and it was just absolutely conflicting. On the work front, I absolutely LOVED it. It was so different then day and so awesome. But it really truly sucked for real life and I was unable to see friends or do anything for years really lol. It was just rough

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