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QOTD: Have you ever been in Paris? The Paris Library is a historical fiction b…

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QOTD: Have you ever been in Paris?
The Paris Library is a historical fiction book set in American Library in Paris during World War II. The story is about the passion and escapism of books during troublesome times and the determinations and secrets we all keep.
Paris, 1939 World War II has started started, and Odile has just landed her dream job at the American Library in Paris. Before long, she has a new best friend, a good-looking police officer for a boyfriend, and everything seems to be okay. But then her brother decides to join the ever so soon approaching war, the Nazis overrun Paris and everyone Odile loves start to slowly dissapear from her life. This is a gripping story about the library’s efforts to stay open and secretly supply books to Paris Jews.
The story follows two timelines with 2 differrent narrators – one in Paris in the 1940s, and one in the USA, a few decades later. The story is filled to the brim with turmoil and human connection, and I loved the back-and-forth narration where the puzzle pieces slowly snapped into a spot.
I love historical fiction, and this one felt unique. I fell even in more profound love with it after learning the amount of research the author had to undertake and that real people and events inspired it! This book grabbed me and didn’t let go. It probes into relationships we shape during hard times, the decisions we make, and how we learn to live with those choices. I will not forget this story any time soon.
This is a beautiful and well-researched story about occupied France, loss, love, friendships and moral values carried over times. It will leave you in tears.

5 stars out of 5 from Ingrid 👩🏻‍🦰

Thank you @TwoRoadsBooks and @tandemcollectiveuk for copy of the book!

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  1. Ohh love this review I must get this… I went to Paris 18 years ago now on an Alevel trip. We got to plan it as part of our business studies course. We went to Disneyland of course and then to the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Stock Exchange , would one yo go back soon ☺️

  2. Yes, several times and, while I am probably one of the very few on the planet, it is not really my city. Looking forward to reading the book though!

  3. I have and I love it there! The museums are amazing! My favorite one is the Musee D’Orsay.

  4. Brilliant review, it was really was a stunning read. I went to Paris about 14 years ago and loved it. ❤️

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