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Memories of Prophecies Review I’ve been a bit quiet on bookstagram recently as…

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Memories of Prophecies Review 📝

I’ve been a bit quiet on bookstagram recently as I’ve not really been reading so much in part due to reading a lot for my masters and also because the world feels a bit too heavy right now news-wise to be able to concentrate on much, anyone else finding this?

However, a couple of weeks ago I read Memories of Prophecies by Davis Ashura and it totally snapped me out of my reading slump, having finished it in one night. I was originally sent a digital version of the book as an advanced reader for @heroicbooks in exchange for an honest review but I wanted to share my thoughts on here too as I realised I’ve not reviewed a fantasy title on here before! (For this reason I haven’t given it a star rating as I just wouldn’t know where to start 😅)

As a whole I was really surprised by this book and despite it not being the first book in the series I found it easy to catch up with the action from the ‘trials so far’ overview at the start of the book and the strong world building throughout made it very quickly feel like an accessible and enjoyable read for someone new to the genre. There was a strong sense of suspense maintained throughout and I found myself really rooting for the main characters. The dialogue also flowed well, interspersed with dream scenes and visions experienced by Cinder, the protagonist, which added a sense of mystery amongst all of the action. It was also great to have the dual perspective of Cinder and Anya, with Anya’s voice feeling like a refreshing change from the often more male dominated scenes in the rest of the book. On this note, one of the only things I would say that I wasn’t so much of a fan of was the way that women were at times represented in the novel as there were a couple of moments in which these seemed to fall back on stereotypes. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed it overall and it was fun to read something different for a change and I’ve definitely been won over to the fantasy side.

The book is out on the 25th of March so keep an eye out for it then if it sounds like your kind of thing! 📚

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