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Loved this book about love from – huge thank you to for the intro to this amaz…

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Loved this book about love from @alain_de_botton – huge thank you to @elizabday for the intro to this amazing writer.
Essays in Love is a novel/collection of essays. The narrator describes his relationship with Chloe from the very beginning. It is not your run of the mill love story and nor is it particularly special or inspirational. It is, however, totally unique in that for every stage or situation in the relationship we get the psychoanalysis of our lovers’ every move which is 🤯! De Botton explores human emotion so eloquently and with utter clarity allowing us readers to relate on every level to the stupidity, blindness, hope and unwavering persistence that love brings out in all human beings.
This book is a must read for everyone – every chapter breaks down all segments of the journey of love – stunning in its one liners of pure wisdom and revelatory in its normality.
The last chapter is wonderfully explanatory of the reasons why humans return to love over and over despite the horrors, tragedies and indifferences we see the world over in culture, history and our own experiences.
Inconceivably, de Botton wrote this when he was 21 and yet it is absurdly insightful from someone so young, but will undoubtedly remain timeless – instructing lovers and thinkers for millennia ❤️📚 @picadorbooks

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