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Love After Love review (/5) & should books have content warnings? There were s…

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Love After Love review (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5) & should books have content warnings?

There were so many things I really loved about this book, namely Ingrid Persaud’s beautifully flowing prose and use of dialect, along with her ability to create such vivid settings. I grew so fond of the characters, particularly Mr Chetan (who should totally win an award for most wholesome character in a book ever). I also really enjoyed the friendship between Chetan and Betty and the playful way in which they interacted throughout the book.

The only thing I would say though, was that about 3/4 of the way through the book, just as I was starting to worry that it would not have enough drama to keep me hooked (as enjoyable as the prose was), suddenly quite a lot happened, with a couple of potentially triggering subject matters suddenly introduced, in addition to domestic violence, which was present from the start of the book. Unfortunately, this slightly tainted my experience reading the book as some of the topics broached (self-harm, suicide and violence against the LGBTQ+ community) were topics I simply didn’t want to read about right now or felt comfortable reading about and I would probably have avoided the book and saved it for another time had I have known.

As bad as it may sound and whilst these are important topics to shed light on the reality of, right now I’m definitely finding that sometimes I just want to read about LGBTQ+ characters living their lives joyfully, particularly during the pandemic and feel that this book really would benefit from some content/trigger warnings but this is no reflection whatsoever on Persaud’s brilliant writing, just something I have been thinking about.

QOD: Do you think books should come with content warnings for sensitive content? 📖

3 thoughts on “Love After Love review (/5) & should books have content warnings? There were s…

  1. Content warnings would save people money and/or time. Certain subject matter enters the picture and I am completely and forever done.

  2. i am not usually triggered – mostly with child abuse – but i do think content warnings are beneficial for all readers and should be included always

  3. Get this feeling exactly – the only LGBTQ books I’ll read is ones with happy endings, I just can’t handle too much sadness/violence. Definitely agree about warnings

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