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If you have read memoir and listened to her podcasts, you will hear her voice o…

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If you have read @dollyalderton’s memoir and listened to her podcasts, you will hear her voice on every page of her debut novel Ghosts.
Capturing the zeitgeist, Ghosts is narrated by Nina George Dean, a food writer, who’s 32nd year proves to be a rollercoaster.
From hen dos to best friends to mother-daughter relationships and navigating online dating, Alderton’s observations of modern life are sharp, astute and witty. While her nuanced descriptions of changing relationships, heteronormativity and the inescapable reminders of women’s biology, the sections of the book that are deeper and more melancholy demonstrate that Ghosts isn’t just a novel about millennial life.
Nina’s Dad has dementia and the scenes in which she tries to understand, care for and remember her father while maintaining a relationship with her mother are heartfelt and distressing.
This is a wonderful book that I found hard to put down in parts because of the compelling characters: Lola who is perpetually single but never hopeless and the best of friends; Katherine who is suffocating under the responsibility of motherhood but pretending she’s a Stepford wife; Franny the militant maid of honour and, of course, Max the too good to be true online date.

This book is packed full of delights that will make you laugh out loud and maybe even shed a tear. Can’t wait to see what @dollyalderton writes next ❤️📚