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From the best selling author of Lullaby (see previous post) comes Adèle, a brill…

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From the best selling author of Lullaby (see previous post) comes Adèle, a brilliant and powerful novel following the life of the eponymous protagonist who is lost in her head and the world that tries to contain her.
Adèle is a seemingly successful journalist with a well-respected doctor, husband and a young son who lives in Paris. However, the way she portrays herself to the outside world is so far away from reality it is a miracle she is able to function.
The book details this double life and the strains and joys it gives Adèle. It is almost painful to read at times such is Slimani’s incredible prose and astonishing insight into the mindset of an obsessive, manipulative and torn addict. Adèle is addicted to sex, but not with her husband, and seeks it out wherever possible disregarding common sense, dignity and shame.
But this is not a ‘Fifty Shades’esque novel to hide on the tube but a fascinating dive into the female psyche showing a nuanced and impressive depiction of a chaotic, neurotic and terrified mind who’s owner is unable to articulate how she really feels.
Adèle’s actions become more and more out of control as her story progresses leaving you cringing and worrying and praying all at the same time for the oddly likeable character.
The ending leaves you thinking for days and her story comes back to me time and time again reminding you of all the different ways our brains can torment us ❤️📚 @leilaslimani @faberbooks

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