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As mentioned in a previous post, Madeline Miller, the best-selling author of her…

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As mentioned in a previous post, Madeline Miller, the best-selling author of her debut novel ‘The Song of Achilles’, released her second novel Circe last year.
As with her first, she has mined the absolute pinnacle of story telling – Greek myths – for her second. Circe, most famously, is the witch upon who’s island the great Odysseus stays on his journey back from Troy, delaying his return home. Miller incorporates this most famous of myths and it builds the second half of the witch’s life story. However, it is the first half that has been crafted and curated from the vast bank of mythology. Circe’s story is told from the very beginning introducing us to greats of the world of gods and reminding us of myths we heard as children. All these rich and exciting stories are woven together with Circe as their protagonist.
This book is not just a re-telling of old myths, however. Miller’s depiction of Circe is not only as a sorceress of great power but of a woman of great strength, emotion and cunning. Circe is constantly confronted with hardship, abuse and problems to solve, all of which she tackles with a determination and grit that is both admirable and relatable.
Miller’s debut was action packed and page-turning, her second is less so but more of an enduring epic akin to those she has been inspired by ❤️📚 @madeline.e.miller @bloomsburypublishing

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