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AD – PR product | Sharks in the Time of Saviors is a unique book. It is a love s…

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AD – PR product | Sharks in the Time of Saviors is a unique book. It is a love song to the Hawaiian culture – mixing legends, gods, and practical everyday life.
In 1995, off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 7-year-old Noa fell off a boat and was rescued and delivered back to his mom in the jaws of a shark. So begins the legend of Noa and the great expectations put upon him. Noa is the middle child, and his new powers have repercussions for the whole family, but especially for his older brother Dean and his younger sister Kaui. This is a story of Hawaii, the Gods, a family, and expectations.
This is one of those kinds of books that is hard to explain what you think of it because it is very compelling and different from what you have read before. Magical realism and the themes of family tragedies reverberate throughout it. The writing is marvellous and elegant, but the pacing was a little uneven, and I was starting to lose interest around the middle of the book. However, everything builds to the magical finish and eventually makes sense.
I enjoyed the bits of Hawaiian culture and slang delivered there. I knew very little about the rich culture of Hawaii, and now I can’t wait to visit it! The story is told mainly from the three siblings alternating views, with the mother and father also having a few chapters. It is a setup that I believe served well and kept the tale rolling along.
I would say that the original idea of the book is a bit misleading; there is a slight fantasy element, but it’s a minor part of the story, and it is really covered in the first half of the book only. It may sound like it will be a mystical, spiritual type of story, but actually, it is a family melodrama, driven by characters, with actual events pushed to the background.
A rich and enthralling book for those who don’t mind a bit of magical realism and slow-paced character-driven drama.
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  1. The concept sounds so interesting, kind of disappointing it fades throughout the book. I do love family dramas though, this one sounds interesting

  2. I’m going to Hawaii next month might be a good time to read this on a beach.

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