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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a beautiful and sadly very tragic story about Hollywood’s glamour and darkness in the ’50s. This is one of those books that you wish it would never end, and you keep remembering it for a long, long time after.
Books take you through the scandalous life of Evelyn Hugo – fictional Hollywood movie icon, starting in ’50s and coming up almost to the current day. Getting older and reclusive Evelyn is finally ready to tell the truth about her life, all seven husbands and her true love (which might surprise you).
Evelyn is a fascinating and vivid character from the first sentence she is introduced. Full of ambition but ruthless realist, she is a symbol of courage and bravery.
In our discussion, we compared her to Marilyn Monroe, do you see any similarities?
This book is a tale of brutal passion, conflicts and disasters, beautiful friendships and a prohibited love.⁣ We both wish that this story can touch other people’s heart as much as it touched ours!⁣
QOTD: What movie star you would like to interview? 🎬

5 out of 5 from bith of us.
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