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ℝ & Alex North. The man is responsible for such a thrilling masterpie…

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📖🖤 ℝ 🧔&👩🏻‍🦰 🖤

Alex North. The man is responsible for such a thrilling masterpiece as Whisper Man. And now we received (sort of) sequel. The Shadow Friend is chilling; well put together thriller that creeps upon you, you don’t realise you are agitated until its time to go to bed. We have to admit some stories got us thinking about doing some experiments. While sleeping.

Aside from that, it’s an intriguing horror – mystery, set around an imaginary local legend that becomes more focused and uncovered as you continue through the book. Twenty-five years have passed, and finally, Paul Adams has come home. And he remembers. He would rather forget. He would much rather forget his old friends and, the lucid dreaming. Oh yes and the death. He would rather forget, but the town wants him to remember, and he will.

While we both agreed that this book not necessarily reaches the bar set by Whisper Man, it’s still a great read. It may not be as dark and deep as a previous book, but we can’t be more excited about future books by Alex North.

5 nightmares out of five